ProMedica Memorial Hospital

Shadow Experience at ProMedica Memorial Hospital

ProMedica Memorial Hospital Posted on Feb 18th 2019 in Job Shadowing

Address: 715 S. Taft Avenue Fremont, Ohio 43420

Phone: (419)-332-7321


Philosophy of Care

The core components of our care philosophy represent all that we do, which means optimal health and wellness for you and your community.

Integrated care is essential. Our professionals proactively work together to go beyond your symptoms or injury with the goal of your whole health. Always with you at the center of care, we incorporate your, and your family’s, health needs with the expertise of our interdisciplinary teams. Together, we exchange our professional knowledge and your personal perspective and understanding in order to achieve shared health decisions that ultimately meet your best interests.

Methodology matters. We deliver care, resources and information to you and your community in ways designed for maximum health success. Our care is:

  • Socially responsible
  • Culturally aware
  • Equitable
  • Charitable
  • Respectful
  • Simple to access